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Camden has made history by shutting a strip club for the very first time (despite having a policy for zero clubs). This came after Trading Standards investigated 13 counts of Credit Card fraud (a standard practice in the industry). The club, Sohpisticats, was formerly the most notorious of the Secrets chain – and had a 10 year history of GBH, sexual contact and, you guessed it, credit card fraud

Despite this some lap dancers and industry cheerleaders were calling for this notorious club to stay open, still claiming it is a safe environment and that, despite the industry being ’empowering’ and ‘great for self esteem’ they would apparently be unable to find alternative work. But Camden Council has already set up a forum to support all performers when strip clubs shut.

“You Wouldn’t Wish

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Your Daughters”


A HUGE Thank you to everyone who has campaigned against this and all other clubs. A special thanks to women who have given testimonies about the industry, including this very club.

Read testimonies here

Join US

Camden’s next strip club licensing hearing is Weds 12 Feb, 7pm. Contact us for more info or to join us at: [email protected]

The Council will be considering another club in the Secrets/Sophisticats chain. So far, we have been banned from presenting the history of the chain to the Council (merely a summary of previous licensing meetings). And incorrectly forced to share our 15 minutes of objections with a Trade Union ‘for lap dancers’ which gives blanket support to all strip clubs.

“Clubs radio Security to ‘get the girls in order’ the minute Council staff appear

Former Secrets Dancer

Oh and the Council has only just realised that half the checks made on its strip clubs are pre-announced visits. The others are made with licensing officers (and seemingly a bevy of, possibly uniformed, police and immigration officers) – all familiar faces to the club. No wonder Council inspections always show full compliance!

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