Success in Rotherham




Rotherham is to adopt a policy for ZERO strip clubs after its consultation showed overwheling opposition to the strip trade. Currently, all Rotherham’s sex venues are licensed like cafes as the Council is only now adopting legislation to license strip clubs as sex establishments. The new policy should be voted through Council shortly and come into effect 1st July 2019.

Well Done Everyone who Campaigned to Make Rotherham Strip Free

More Success!

Rotherham’s one strip club has withdrawn its application for full nudity instead of ‘just’ toplessness. The club is currently not open because of this restriction. It applied for this relaxation to its license while it is being investigated for serious licensing breaches and exploitation. The strip industry really does think it is ‘untouchable’.

Thank You to Everyone who Opposed this Club


The hearing for Sheffield Spearmint Rhino has been delayed (originally scheduled for June 11th). The Council decided it might be best to complete its investigation into the serious licensing breaches and exploitation we exposed at the club first.

SMK Awards

And more (belated) good news – the ‘Times Up for Strip Clubs’ Campaign, which we spearheaded, was runner up for a prestigious SMK Award for ‘best use of the law in a campaign’. Last year, The ‘Times Up’ campaign took Sheffield City Council to court for breaching equality law in its pro-strip industry stance.

We were in very good company – winners and other runner ups included news headliners like ‘Surfers against Sewage’, ‘Dignity in Death’ and the campaign for medical cannabis.

A huge thank you to all the many groups and individuals who were part of the coalition, to the amazing legal team and to everyone who donated to its crowd funder.

This is for you!

Thank you also to Jeremy for nominating us

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