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Take Action

You do not need to be local. Deadline 15 May

Rotherham’s strip club wants to extend its license to allow full nudity (not ‘just toplessness’). This is despite the fact that it is under investigation for serious rule breaches (sexual contact) by the authorities. Please use and adapt our model letter and tell Rotherham ‘NO’:


Spearmint Rhino

Shockingly, Spearmint Rhino in Sheffield has applied to have its license renewed! This is despite undercover investigators exposing wholesale sexual contact even in a standard £20 ‘dance’. A ‘VIP’ was women having sex with each other.

We’ll be gearing up for action soon, in the meantime you can read the report on how this club operates and the shocking backstory to Sheffield’s dealings with its strip trade here:


Councillors Walk Out!


Spearmint Rhino Exposed


Sheffield City Councillors actually walked out of the Council meeting where just a few examples of the sex acts taking place at Spearmint Rhino were read out. Apparently they found hearing about what happens at the strip club they have relicensed year-on-year ‘too offensive’!

This and other coverage here:


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