Tell M&S P0rn NO

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Tell M&S P0rn NO

Why is M&S selling ‘P0rn Star’ cocktails? Given that most porn shows women gagging, choking and vomiting this hardly seems the best marketing combo. And this latest PR miss comes hot on the heels of media furore over M&S’ somewhat unfortunate sexist window displays.

We are writing to M&S with other anti-exploitation groups and survivors of the porn trade explaining why this is unacceptable and urging them to meet with us and get their ethics back.


You can complain, with some difficulty, using the M&S online form here

Go to: Contact Us – Live Chat or Email

On the Drop Down menu go to: M&S. com – comments & feedback

You may then have to log in or create an account !

Then fill in the form

Ironically you can’t put the word ‘porn’ into their form – try replacing the ‘o’ with a zero or an asterix or a blank! You also can’t give detail of porn or link to anti-porn sites)

Or just send this pre-filled tweet :



Another retailer you might want to avoid this Christmas is WHSmith – the UK’s largest distributor of porn and the high street retailer that most avidly pushed lad’s mags during their heyday, with huge shop window displays and ‘at the counter’ special promotions of soft porn at pocket money prices.

P0RN Protest

“Better than the Office Party!” – protestor. Big love to Filia, Nordic Model Now, Object and all the individuals who were part of the anti-p0rn protest outside the Paul Raymond p0rnography party. Paul Raymond was an avid soft p0rn peddler – the man behind Mayfair, Escort, Men Only and one-time owner of the Windmill strip club (now closed due to sexual contact/prostitution).

Age Verification

And, news just in! The Lords has approved the Bill to prevent children’s access to p0rn. The Digital Communications Bill requires p0rn to be ‘age verified’ – meaning no one under the age of 18 should be able to access p0rn. The Bill is likely to become law in Spring 2019.

Of course, it will not be a perfect system, but this a huge step forward – that countries world wide are looking to follow (apart from a few, like Nepal, which have already banned all p0rn). The debate in the Lords gives real insight into the loopholes, including the fact that p0rn too abusive to be allowed off line (aka all p0rn) will still be available to all adults on line.

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