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Human Rights Leaders

Alan Caton, OBE, explains in the video above how easily the sex trade can actually be radically reduced, if not totally eradicated – as in Ipswich.

Lancashire agencies now recognise prostituiton as a form of violence against women.

Blackpool is committed to getting rid of its last remaining strip clubs after years of trouble at its dozen former clubs.

Bristol Lib Dem PCC candidate understands the harm of prostitution. Keep in touch with what other Bristol candidates say with @BWCommission

It’s not too late to ask your candidates whether Councillors, Mayors or PCC (Policing & Crime Commissioners) to commit to addressing the sex trade by supporting all who sell sex out, deterring punters and criminalising pimps.

Human Wrongs Groups

Amnesty, Stonewall, the GMB, anti-trafficking NGOS, domestic/sexual violence groups, press editors, religious leaders, academics and hosts of feminist NGOS recently lobbied ferociously to bury a Bill brought by MP Mary Harrington that would have supported women out of the sex trade and held pimps and punters to account.

Find out more about the misinformation, intimidation & power the $Trillions porn/sex industries hold over the media, decision makers, ‘sex worker unions’ and ‘human rights’ groups.

Complicit Calderdale

Many of you objected to La Salsa strip club, Halifax this year – next to a woman’s shelter & run by a man reported for underage dancers and trafficking at his other strip venue. The Council consistently refuses to consider PCC (Policing and Crime Commissioner) reports of fraud. Last year, the club’s lawyer heavily misled (if not lied to) the council (all recorded in glorious technicolour in the video above).

This year the club didn’t bother hiring a lawyer. The council showed no meaningful interaction with objectors, including the local women’s shelter, little understanding of the law or the reality of the industry. Only 2 councillors voted (for the club) the rest abstained in this lack lustre meeting.

The shocking history of this club, its owner and the council

Camden Putting YOU at Risk

Many of you objected to numerous of Camden’s notorious strip clubs this year. Of these, Camden has relicensed 1 club (of the notorious Secret’s chain) and ‘postponed indefinitely’ all other licensing hearings.

Two years ago (one year before first lockdown) we exposed sexual contact inside 2 of its clubs and pimps outside. The Council still hasn’t finished its own investigation into the evidence we provided.

What Camden is doing, however, is making public the names and addresses of anyone who objects.

We have challenged this as a data protection breach, safeguarding risk and an explicit breach of licensing legislation. It refuses to acknowledge this.

The moment this policy was introduced, a dozen objectors were threatened in aggressive legal letters by a strip club. The council still refused to back down.

The Information Commissioner is now considering this.

Bristol & Bournemouth

Both Bristol and Bournemouth are reconsidering their strip club policies – and facing the predictable onslaught from the sex trade lobby. These are likely to go out to consultation after the May elections .. watch this space.

In the meantime, find out more about this safe, empowering industry in:

Bristol – 2 clubs whose owner hires strippers out to private parties in men’s homes

Bournemouth – 3 clubs with a history of over a decade of sexual contact, fraud & GBH

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