Untouchable Rhino

Untouchable Rhino

In shocking news, the Council has decided to relicense Spearmint Rhino Sheffield after 200 licensing breaches were exposed alongside its former lap dancers whistle blowing on a long track record of abuse.

The decision was made very shortly after an all-day licensing hearing yesterday and after the Council’s own report confirmed the multiple breaches and suggested unfit management.

The club claimed it ‘was the dancers fault’, that ‘the managers had had training’ and that new signs with their codes had been put up to help stop it ever happening again.

It was also revealed that the club’s new regulation regime involved an ‘independent inspector’ – hired by the club with the chain’s Vice President knowing when he makes his ‘secret visits’.

Is the strip industry the new mafia? Corrupt and corrupting. Untouchable? Help us continue to challenge it. All donations welcome!


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