The Ugly, the Bad and the Good

Camden’s Secrets

A quick update for those who objected to the two Secrets strip clubs in Camden. The licensing hearing was held for one of the clubs on Monday and granted, sadly predictable despite the countless incidences across the chain). The club owner then took ill so the hearing for his other club was adjourned.

Thank you to everyone who objected!

2 Min Action

Deadline Mon 14 Dec

Last year, Calderdale Council initially refused to relicense La Salsa strip club in Halifax on the grounds of unfit applicant and ‘change’ to the locality but backed down after the club threatened court proceedings. Please use our template letter to explain why they have the absolute right to refuse this license and that the club has no recourse to legal action if they do:


An End in Sight?

Time for some good news! MP, Dame Diana Johnson, based in Yorkshire (home to the UK’s only, disastrous, ‘decriminalised’ prostitution zone) is calling for a law change. She wants the buying of sex criminalised, whilst all those who sell sex are decriminalised and supported out of the sex trade.

More here

Send Dame Diana Johnson a message of support by email or twitter

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