Time for Some Good News

Porn – Action Update

Fantastic to see the petition by Trafficking hub against Pornhub now has nearly 1 million signatures. Add yours here

Equally fantastic to see major credit card companies being put under pressure to stop allowing transactions to Pornhub. Add your name to the 100,000s today:

Sign Here

Porn Debate – Win!

It was good to see sister campaigners from Filia, ICOSE and Click Off winning a prestigious Cambridge Union debate against pornography. You can see the full debate here

And a full counter to the pro porn arguments here

Prostitution – UK

Thank you to everyone who supported Sarah Champion’s call to support women out of prostitution and clamp down on the sex trade. She has now written to the DWP and we are thrilled to be signatories. This is a key point of call for women in, or ‘at risk’ of prostitution – and she is asking for ring-faced exiting funding.

We will keep you posted

Prostitution – Germany

Germany is the sex trade capital of europe. After legalising the industry, over 1/2million women now rot in state brothels with ‘child prostitution’ and trafficking increased exponentially. Survivors have now got prominent German MPs to call for the industry (now ‘shut down’ due to corona) to be shut forever and all women supported out.

Prostitution – Inevitable?

Think prostitution is inevitable so the best we can do is ‘manage it’? Think again:

  • Up to 90% of Johns would stop if faced with a small fine/points off their driving license.
  • In France, 80% of punters who listen to testimonies from survivors say they will never buy sex again.
  • And during Corona, of course, most sex buyers have managed just fine without.

The sex trade could be shut down with ease if there were the political will

Strip Clubs Action

Still time to object to Sheffield Spearmint Rhino. Use our template letter:


Strip Clubs – More Actions

Even though the strip industry cannot operate for the foreseeable future, possibly years, due to social distancing, clubs across the UK are still applying for licenses. And local councils are still providing them.

If you are a survivor, NGO, academic, educationalist, psychologist or any other kind of expert on violence against women and would like to write a formal statement against this harmful industry please contact us here

If you are on benefits you could help take legal action against strip clubs in your area – or other aspect of the porn and sex trade. Drop us a line to find out more

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