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Here we have focussed on some of the Councils, clubs and policies around the UK and who is challenging them!  Get involved and send in news of strip clubs and their licensing in your area. 

South and West


Two clubs are still operating despite mass objection over years, including by MPs and the police. One Bristol club was allowed to continue operating for years after sexual contact first exposed at it, only finally being forced to close in 2017 after, you guessed it, sexual contact being exposed.  Bristol’s entire licensing policy is currently being reviewed.


A n​​​ew strip club application was recently refused, but Portsmouth currently has 2 strip clubs. 


One club was shut down in 2018 due to dilapidation (and you thought lap dancing was glamorous!) But the town is a hot spot for ‘pop up strip clubs‘. A legal loop hole means ‘occasional’ lap dancing events can take place without a strip club license. So a particularly abusive form of the industry occurs, along with the streets turning into ‘harassment zones’, during every Cheltenham races.

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Cheltenham Fems  

The North


Shockingly, Calderdale Council, which oversees Halifax, continues to re-license strip club, La Salsa, despite its owner being convicted and assets seized for criminal activities at his other strip club, also called La Salsa, in Huddersfield.  Undercover police there revealed underage and possibly trafficked dancers, sexual contact and prostitution – as is  standard across the industry.  This strip club operator is clearly ‘unfit’, providing clear grounds to refuse to license the club yet the Council’s legal advisors seem to think there are no legal grounds for refusal.  This is despite the fact that you do not even need ‘legal grounds’ to refuse a strip club license.  This Council is a case in point of how little Councils and even their legal advisors understand licensing law.

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Leeds ​

Leeds’ strip club policy states that, because of equality considerations and  the aim to be a ‘child friendly’ city, no clubs are appropriate anywhere in the borough. But the same policy then states that 4 clubs are appropriate in the city centre (where there just happens to be, you guessed it, 4 strip clubs). The Council has previously been in court, to reduce club numbers from 7. We urge it to stop licensing all clubs and support performers out of the industry. Campaigners have recently managed to prevent the opening hours of 2 of the clubs to extend until 6AM.

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Liverpool City Council has just approved the UK’s first 24 Hr strip club (with operators around the country no doubt salivating to follow suit). This is despite a shocking track record of Liverpool’s strip industry: club forced to closed months after opening: punter attacks performer at club; woman forced to perform by boyfriend, a convicted rapist

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Rotherham has of course become notorious for its 1,500 girls abused by child grooming gangs and for social workers suggesting to one of these groomers (now serving a 35 year jail sentence) that he should seek custody of the child he fathered through rape. Given this, you would think the Council would be bending over backwards to clamp down on any possible form of sexual exploitation.

Not so. The tiny city of Rotherham has one sex shop and one strip club.  The usual sexual contact has been exposed at the club and, although criminal charges are being considered against the owner, the club is still being allowed to operate. Rotherham is, however, consulting on its strip club policy soon.

Watch this space!

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Sheffield ​​ ​

​​​​Sheffield continues to license its one strip club, Spearmint Rhino, with private booths, in a residential area next to student accommodation despite having conceded 2 court cases that it has breached equality law in its pro-strip industry stance. These court cases (at a cost of £130,000 to Sheffield’s tax paying voter), now mean that the Council has to review its entire strip club licensing policy (currently set at ‘no limit’ on the number of clubs)

Watch this space!

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@Not Buying it Sheffield
@WEP Sheffield 


Scotland is about to adopt exactly the same legislation as we already have in England and Wales, with all the same flaws. 

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