Strip Club Gang Rape – Council should be Sued


A woman has been gang raped at a Birmingham strip club  - in a council deemed ‘gold standard’ (by pro-sex industry academics) for its regulation of the strip industry and its care for ‘dancer welfare’.


But this was an assault which involved management. Clearly this didn’t ‘come out of the blue’. Clearly there was an entrenched culture of misogyny, abuse and assaults at this venue. In fact, many women who whistle blow on the strip trade testify that abuse by management is absolutely common place - including being forced to provide sex acts and sex.  


That’s rape.


Yet this club wasn’t even on the council’s radar. In fact, instead of re-considering its license every year, as the law requires, its last licensing hearing appears to have been held in 2016. 


In fact, Birmingham City council appear to have only held half the number of licensing hearings for strip clubs that are required in the last few years. This is despite numerous serious incidences at its 6 clubs which include the notorious Spearmint Rhino chain, where sexual contact, fraud and prostitution has been exposed - for over 20 years.


This was a rape waiting to happen.


We hope the victim’s legal team will hold the council responsible. We hope the women working in this club will equally be supported to hold the council responsible for the abuse they no doubt have been experiencing. And this isn’t just at this club. It isn’t just at Birmingham’s clubs. This is every club in the country. Pressure group, Not Buying It, have recorded over 250 incidences in half the UK strip trade (and this will only be the very tip of the iceberg).



This is an industry that cannot be regulated, that goes hand-in-hand with assault, prostitution, drugs, fraud and organised crime. It is an industry where no women can ever be safe.


Not Buying It, works closely with whistle blowers from the strip trade. It is calling for a total rethink of the industry. It is urging the public to write to their MP now with their template letter.





More information: [email protected]