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In 2017, Ann Summers teamed up with the world’s largest porn site, Pornhub, to produce a ‘fun range of sex toys’. But Pornhub is simply a catalogue of millions of vids of men sexually abusing women. So in 2018, we launched a petition signed by over 2,000 and we protested outside shops over Valentine’s. By March, Ann Summers had withdrawn all Pornhub products. But, despite repeated (very polite!) requests, we have never had a response from the store to confirm it has indeed dumped Pornhub. 

All About Ann Summers

Think Ann Summers is just ‘sexy lingerie’ and ‘fluffy pink handcuffs’? The truth is it has always been linked to porn and pornographers ...

Ann Summers started off as a seedy sex shop, using the name of the secretary of the owner to offer up a more ‘presentable’ front – Annice Summers. It was then sold to the Gold Brothers who made their fortune from pornography (and whose father was a well-known criminal, family eh!). David Gold’s daughter, Jacqueline Gold, is now CEO of Ann Summers.

Perhaps this background made it impossible for the current CEO Jacqueline Gold, CBE – mum of an underage daughter, a leading business women, role model, Vice President of a leading Children’s Charity, and an outspoken survivor of childhood sexual assault – to see the reality of porn. Or to see how shocking it is that her company is ‘in bed’ with an industry which routinely shows young girls, and even under age children, being sexually abused. Or maybe she just doesn’t know what modern day porn has become? 

The Gold family are also intimately connected with pornographer, David Sullivan – who made his money from porn in the ’70s and whose girlfriend, Mary Millington, who worked in his porn movies committed suicide. Sullivan is perhaps best known for turning even newspapers into pornography aka The Sport. Sullivan and David Gold used their porn profits to buy football clubs, starting with Birmingham City FC and then Westham United. Westham, of course, uses the Olympic stadium, built with public money.All 

All About Pornhub

Pornhub, like the rest of the porn industry, is portrayed as a sexual liberator – an empowerer of women. But the truth is, it is a $4 billion industry built on misogyny and abuse that just so happens to also be a master of ‘pornogander’:

More than 90% of porn now shows women being abused. And we know this because researchers carried out a blow-by-blow analyses (quite literally) of the top selling porn in the USA. That was 7 years ago. An even higher percentage of mainstream porn will now show abuse.

Much of the remaining 10% of porn is even worse – torture porn (aka BDSM) and real and pseudo child porn and even on-demand torture. 

But Pornhub has set up sleek ‘pop up’ shops in New York to try and glamourise itself and disguise the fact that what it hosts is abuse. It has even set up an online ‘well being hub’ to provide sex ‘education’ to young people.

It calls abusive BDSM ‘feminist’ or ‘kink’. And, even thought many of its videos are real life rapes and domestic violence situations Pornhub ‘supports’ international women’s day and claims to stand against domestic violence.  

Now the largest player in the porn industry is aiming to take over regulation of the porn industry. MindGeek not only owns Pornhub but other major international porn sites, Youporn and Redtube. And yet another of it subsidiaries is due to become the age verify for all UK porn. 

So an organisation which owns websites whose video breaches its own ‘codes’, every single one too abusive to be given an R18 certificate,  packed with rape porn, incest porn, real and pseudo child porn, not to mention tortures, mutilations and even ‘on demand’ torture could soon be overseeing what children may or may not have access to.

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