90% sex buyers deterred by fines/points off driving license

80% buyers would never do it again after hearing testimony of survivors


Legitimising Pimps & Punters  – ‘best for women’?

Deaths in Germany with 1/2 million in state brothels



How to deal with Prostitution

Pathways through Prostitution




Consultation Responses

Lib Dems Consultation on Sex ‘Work’

UN Women Consultation on Sex ‘Work’

Open Letter to the BMA re decriminalising pimps/punters

Government Review of Prostitution [2019]




What Survivors Say

Porn ‘star’ warns against the industry



GirlsDoPorn – $12 million settlement for coercion

GirlsDoPorn – 100 more women claim abuse

Intimidation tactic used by porn producers


‘Feminist’ Porn?

James Deen ‘feminist’ porn ‘star’- a rapist

James Deen, still a rapist

Feminist pornographer supports rape porn


Consultation Responses

Porn & Harassment in Public Spaces:  published by  Women & Equalities Committee [2018]

Porn and Sexual Violence APPG Sexual Violence [2018]   WARNING:UPSETTING CONTENTS

Stop Kids Accessing Online Porn:  Home Office Consultation [2016]

Body Image: Women & Equalities Committee – porn/sex trade must be considered [2020]


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