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What We Do

Not Buying It raises awareness of the harm of the porn and sex trade and campaigns for change. We work closely with those from these industries. They testify to a catalogue of abuse, yet are threatened and harassed, smeared as liars or simply ignored when they dare to speak out. 


Who We Are

We are mums and dads, campaigners, journalists, mental health professionals, educationalists. We are simply members of the public, concerned, like so many others, by the increasingly abusive ‘porn culture’ we live in.

Our CEO (herself an award winner) previously led the multi-award winning pressure group, Object. Object changed the  law in 2010 to stop strip clubs being licensed like cafes. And it changed the law to make  it a criminal offence to buy sex from anyone forced or coerced. It also stopped Job Centres from advertising sex  ‘work’ with Escort Agencies and Massage Parlours, got lad’s mags off the bottom shelf (and ultimately off the shelf altogether) and saw the Sun’s use of Page 3 dragged over the coals during the Leveson inquiry. It put the harm of objectification and the porn and sex trade well and truly on the map.


The porn and sex trade are deeply harmful to those in it and to us all because of the attitudes they breed and feed. 

Here ‘Cassy’ explains how the supposedly ‘well run’ strip trade really operates and its comprehensive ‘tie in’ with prostitution, drugs, money laundering and other organised crime:


What We’ve Done

We got Ann Summers to dump its link with Pornhub, the world’s largest portal for the filmed sexual abuse that internet porn has become.


In 2018, we spearheaded a ground breaking legal challenge showing how Councils are breaching equality law when they license strip clubs. This received extensive coverage in the national press, informed recommendations to Parliament and made us runners up for a prestigious SMK Campaign Award. 


In 2019, we carried out a series of exposés to show that, to earn even £20, women must provide sexual contact and perform sex acts in so-called ‘Gentlemen’s Clubs’, whether in Sheffield, Manchester or LondonCouncillors have been so offended to hear what is actually happening in the strip clubs they license that they have walked out of meetings. 

We are bold and forthright (always in the nicest possible way) because sometimes that is the only way to expose the truth and say no to abuse. 

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