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‘Complicit’ Camden [Oct 2019]

Manchester Misogyny  [Oct 2019]

Council Relicenses Strip Club with 200 Breaches [Sep 2019]

Camden Strip Clubs Policy ‘Legalises Pimps & Brothels’ [Sep 2019]

Spearmint Rhino ‘Extreme Sexual Contact, Unfit Management’: Council Report [Aug 2019]

Whistle Blowing is not Revenge Porn [Jun 2019]

PIs Expose Sexual Contact at Flagship Spearmint Rhino [May 2019]

PIs ‘Expose Prostitution’ at Spearmint Rhino Sheffield [March 2019]

‘Escort’ Councillor decides Strip Club Policy 

Legal Challenge to Strip Clubs [March 2018]


In The News


‘Untouchable Rhino’ 2019

200 breaches,  ‘unfit management’, 2 court cases showing breach of equality law, 3 former lap dancers from the club testify to abuse but still the Council relicenses Spearmint Rhino Sheffield

Guardian [2019]

BBC News [2019]

BBC Radio Sheffield [2019] ‘What will it take to shut it down?’

Council leaks emails of all those who commented on Spearmint Rhino, including rape victims [2019]

‘Sex Acts, Unfit Management’

Council report: ‘200+ breaches and unfit management’ Spearmint Rhino Sheffield

BBC Aug [2019]

Sheffield Telegraph [2019]

Sheffield Star [2019]


Wall-to-Wall Sexual Contact Exposed 2019

Undercover Investigators expose extreme sexual contact and sex acts

BBC News: Extreme sexual contact at Spearmint Rhino

Sunday Times

Filia Podcast: Informal interview on the strip trade and sexism

BBC Radio Sheffield

JUS News

Sheffield Telegraph: Why we want Sheffield to be Strip Free 


Councillors Walk Out

Councillors ‘too offended’ to hear what really happens in the strip club they license

BBC Radio Sheffield

Sheffield Star

Sheffield Live


Whistle Blowing

How whistle blowing is played out as ‘revenge porn’ by the powerful sex trade lobby

Victoria Derbyshire


5 Live


BBC Radio Manchester


 Legal Challenge 2018 – Success!

Sheffield City Council concedes breaching equality law with its pro-strip industry policy

BBC [at 1:24]
Sheffield Star
Sheffield News
Parliamentary Select Committee [Strip Clubs and Sexual Harassment]

Legal Challenge 2018


Sheffield Star
BBC News
BBC Look North [Zero Option & Sammy Woodhouse]
Sheffield News
Sheffield Star
BBC Look North [lawyer Louise Whitfield, DPG]
JUS News
Sheffield Star [Zero Option & Sammy Woodhouse] 

Spearmint Rhino Re-licensed 2017

Despite breaching equality law when licensing Spearmint Rhino in 2016, the Council licensed it again in 2017

The Tab
Unheard: Overarching analysis by Julie Bindel
Sheffield Star
Medium: Left wing students’ ‘sell out’ to capitalism




Legal Challenge 2016 – Success!

Sheffield City Council concedes breaching equality law in its licensing of Spearmint Rhino Sheffield

IB Times


Camden Spearmint Rhino Flagship 2019

Sexual contact rife in Spearmint Rhino flagship club despite 63 CCTV cameras

Evening Standard: “I can touch you” [2019]

Camden Citizen : “£20 for ‘milkshake’ to suck women’s breasts” [2019]


Camden Strip Clubs

We give evidence to Camden Council about its strip clubs

Deputation with WEP Camden to meeting of full Council 

Manchester Strip Clubs 2019

Sexual contact rife at Manchester’s clubs

The Times: Not reported: Carpet reeked of damp at one of these ‘Gentlemen’s Club’  [2019]

Manchester Evening News: Not reported: One drunk dancer desperately trying to prostitute herself [2019] 


Strip Clubs are ‘Brothels Light’

Talk Radio: We talk about strip clubs and the wider sex trade 


Sheffield Say NO to Stringfellow

We urge Sheffield City Council not to honour Local Boy ‘made bood’ [off the backs of women]



Sheffield Star


Times Up for Strip Clubs

The growing campaign to expose strip clubs and end this branch of the sex trade.

​​​​Sky News  [Sammy Woodhouse & Not Buying It]

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