Conference: Pimp Zones

Take Action: Prostitution




Action: Prostitution

vote lib dem for

The Scottish Lib Dems are voting on a motion to criminalise pimps and punters and help women out of prostitution. This is in stark contrast to the overarching pro-pimp / pro-trafficker policy of the party. The vote will be held at the Scottish Lib Dem AGM on Feb 22nd.

Please take the simple action below to make this motion is a success!


Conference: Pimp Zones

Pimp Zone

Find out about the disastrous Prostitution ‘Managed Zone’ introduced in Leeds: Rapes, Murders and drug-dependent Prostituted Women selling themselves for as little as £5.

1- 4 pm

23rd Feb



Conference: Prostitution

women of colour

Ethnic minority and indigenous women are the most targeted and abused women in the sex trade. Hear powerful survivors speak out and call for an end to the most business of prostitution.

6-9 pm

21st Feb



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