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Clip from Channel 4 Dispatches exposing why it is called lap dancing
[Warning: Although dimly lit, video has sexual contents]


Although aired in 2011, little has changed as the many publications below reveal 

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This is Lap Dancing

Slide Show 


A5 Flier: Faqs and Myths

A5 Flier: Private Booths 


​This is Lap Dancing

Lap Dancing Clubs – Unsafe, Unfit for Lap Dancers

​​​Strip Clubs Create ‘No Go’ Zones 

​​​Myths​​​ ​

​​​’Strippers are Loaded’

‘Lap Dancing will ‘Go Underground”

​​​’You’ll Put Women out of Work’

‘​​​​It’s a Choice’


​New Rules, Same Old Rule Breaking [2018]
Over 2 dozen press reports expose sexual contact, assaults &  prostitution

​In the Docks – Failed Court Challenges by the Strip Industry [2018]
No successful legal challenges by the industry

13 Reasons Why Not [2018]
How Councils breach Equality & Licensing Law when Licensing Strip Clubs

Zero Option is the Only Option [2018]
In-depth legal briefing for Councils

​​​​The Problem with Private Booths [2017] 



Camden: Concerns Over Clubs [2018]

Sheffield: All Objections (145) to Spearmint Rhino [2018]

Sheffield Shame: Court Proceedings vs Sheffield City Council [2018]

Leeds Strip Club Policy: Unworkable & Anti-Equalities [2018] 


​Older Reports​​​

Facts About Lap Dancing [Object]

​​​​ A Growing Tide [Object]

Myth Buster [Object] 

​Performers Speak Out





Rachel [2018]
Abuse leading to Lap Dancing leading to Prostitution

Elle  [2018]

Anon (1) Testimony to Sheffield City Council [2018]

Anon (2) Testimony to Sheffield City Council [2018]

​Sammy Woodhouse Testimony to Sheffield City Council [2018]

Samantha Rea (1) : Journalist strips undercover [2018]

Samantha Rea (2):  More [2018]

Anon: Testimony to Camden Council p121: sexual contact, wholesale criminal activity, PTSD [2015]

​​​​​​Elena: Guardian [2008]

​​​​​​Lucy: Guardian [2009]

Jennifer Danns: Guardian [2011]

Jennifer Danns book ‘Stripped’: A collation of testimonies [2011]

​​​Performers  USA 

Research​​ ​

​​Bindel: ‘Profitable Exploits: Lap dancing in the UK’ [2004]
A grim picture of the strip industry

Sanders: ‘The Regulatory Dance: Sexual Consumption in the Night Time Economy’ [2011]
Widespread harassment & insecure earnings

Sanders: ‘Sexual Entertainment Venues Regulating Working Condition’s [2012]
​​Suggests wholly unworkable ‘gold standards’for regulation

O’Bryant: ‘Inextricably bound: Strip Clubs, Prostitution & Sex Trafficking’ [2017]
​​​Impassioned plea links different parts of the sex trade

Mount: ‘Behind the Curtain’ [2016]
How management operates at clubs


Over 2 dozen press reports expose how the strip industry goes hand-in-hand with sexual contact, harassment, assault and drugs. Prostitution, trafficking, underage dancers and drink spiking are also common

Strip Sleaze:  All Reports

​​​​Windmill, Westminster:  Sexual Contact and offers of Prostitution rife at the UK’s ‘most respected’ strip club. Now shut [2018]

​​​​LA Confidential, Ealing:  Sexual Contact and Prostitution rife in this long established club. Now shut. [2018]

​​​​Cheltenham: ‘Pop Up’ Strip Clubs – legal, unregulated abuse [2018]

​​​​Cheltenham:  The Problem with ‘Pop Up’ Strip Clubs [2018]

Bing, West Bromwich:​​​​​ GBH and suspected prostitution, trafficking & underage performers [2017]

​​​​Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent:  Drink spiking, drug deailng, violence, prostitution [2017]

​​​​Jack of Diamonds (formerly Temptations), Bristol:  Sexual Contact [2017]

​​​​Temptations, Bristol:  Sexual Contact [2013]

​​​​Legs 11, Birmingham: ​​​​​Drink spiking and sexual contact at Legs 11, Birmingham [2017]

​​​​Legs 11, Birmingham: ​​​​​Two Legs 11 Venues closed after slavery raid [2017]

​​​​Legs 11, Birmingham: Drink spiking and illegally serving intoxicated punters [2018]

​​​​Bentley’s, Doncaster: Lap dancer attacked [2017]

​​​​Diamond Dolls, Glasgow: Lap dancer ‘dumped on street’ [2017]

​​​​Flirtz, Skegness: Class A Drugs [2017]

​​​​Platinum’s, Stoke: Sexual contact, Prostitution, drink spiking [2017]

​​​​Silks, Manchester: Several Incidences of Serious Brawls [2017]

​​​​Unknown, Liverpool: Convicted rapist forces girlfriend into lap dancing [2017]

​​​​Cleopatra’s Lounge, Huddersfield: Punter causes £1,000s in damage after dancer refuses sex [2016]

​​​​La Salsa, Huddersfield: Police raid reveals underage dancers and sex for sale [2010]

​​​​La Salsa, Huddersfield: Club closed, owner prosecuted but allowed to continue to operate sister club in Halifax [2011]

​​​​Angel’s, Leicester: Sexual Contact, suspected Underage Dancers [2016]

​​​​Totties, Manchester: Mass brawl outside strip club leads to murder [2016]

​​​​Villa Mercedes, Harrogate: Sexual Contact & ‘Audience Participation’ [2015]

​​​​X in the City, Liverpool: Punter attacks lap dancer after she refuses sex [2015]

Charlie’s Angels, Tower Hamlet: Sexual Contact. Harassment by ‘feminist’, Moslem Lib Dem candidate during Ramadan [2015]

Nag’s Head, Tower Hamlets: Sexual Contact, Assault. Club still open [2017]

​​​​Spearmint Rhino, Bournemouth: Spearmint Rhino illegally serving alcohol to intoxicated punters [2014]

​​​​Spearmint Rhino, Bournemouth: Performers straddling punters and other Sexual Contact [2014]

​​​​Spearmint Rhino, All Chains: Sexual Contact and Prostitution [2003]

​​​​The Griffin, Camden: The World’s seediest ‘strip pub’ [2014]

​​​​Red Velvet, County Durham: Class A Drugs [2014]

​​​​Wiggle, Bournemouth: Dancers straddling punters & other Sexual Contact [2013]

​​​​Baby Platinum, Manchester: Man stabbed outside strip club [2013]

​​​​Charlie Brown’s, London: Sexual Contact & other Licensing Breaches [2012]

​​​​Secrets Euston, Camden: Plenty of touching even when performing for women [2011] 


More in the Press

​​​​USA : Dancers Sue to get Employment Rights [2015]

UK: Stringfellow ensures NO Employment Rights [2012] 

The President’s Club= Lap Dancing Light 

​​​​More on the President’s Club & Lap Dancing 

​​​​’Lap Dancing isn’t Sexual’ says major industry player

​​​​’Lap Dancers are Product’ says major industry player