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Clip from Channel 4 Dispatches exposing why it is called lap dancing
[Warning: Although dimly lit, video has sexual contents]


Although aired in 2011, nothing has changed. In fact, the industry is less regulated now with full nudity and no ‘distance rules’

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This is Lap Dancing

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A5 Flier: Faqs and Myths

A5 Flier: Private Booths 





The Law

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Home Office Guidance: Strip Club Licensing

Strip Clubs & the Law – A Quick Guide

​In the Docks – Failed Court Challenges by the Strip Industry [2018]
Strip clubs cannot challenge decisions not to license them

Zero Option is the Only Option [2018]
In-depth legal briefing for Councils

​​​​The Problem with Private Booths [2017]

Hubbard: ‘Law, Sex and the City’ [2015] Outlines the extensive powers to refuse licenses

Sheffield City Council Breaching Equality Law [2016] For deeming objections ‘moralistic’ & use of non-PSED compliant research

Sheffield City Council Still Breaching Equality Law [2018] For the same reasons

Sheffield City Council [2020] Judge allows 3rd legal challenge against Council

Parliamentary Select Committee [2018] Condemns strip clubs

You’re Breaching the Law! [2018]
How Councils breach Equality & Licensing Law


Regulation or ‘Regulation’?

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How to write an EIA [2020] How all current regulation is failing​

Strip Sleaze: Incidences in 1/2 the Industry
150 incidences. 85 clubs: sexual contact, assaults, drugs, prostitution

Sanders: SEV Regulating Working Conditions [2012]
Heavily funded project lobbies for futile regulation (UK) *

Deshotels: Sex Rules [2008]
The stricter the rules the more advantage to lap dancers in breaking them

‘Tighter regulation isn’t a solution .. women and society are being damaged’ [2008]


​What Survivors Say


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Liz ‘The unacceptable becomes the normal’ [2008]

Vicky ‘With every night you feel less human’ [2008]

Sarah ‘There were lots of eating disorders’ [2008]

Anon: ‘The men in the club: Greed, disgust, hate, contempt’ [2020]

Keisher: ‘Strip clubs are fundamentally sexist, racist, homophobic’ [2020]

Renata: ‘I would never have got involved if I’d known how it works’ [2020]

Kate Kelson ‘I’d go to my happy place’ ‘get out as soon as you can’ [2020]

Strip clubs are filthy, literally [2020]

Cassy: How the Strip Trade Works  [2019]

Darna: ‘You wouldn’t wish this on your daughters’  [2019]

Mette: ‘Don’t put clubs in charge of dancer ‘welfare” [2019]

Rachel: Abuse leading to Lap Dancing leading to Prostitution  [2018] 

Elle: ‘Empowerment comes when you leave’ [2018]

Irina:  ‘I was forced to lap dance by my husband’ [2018]

Mel: ‘I was threatened with attack dogs’ [2018]

​Sammy  ‘how many times I was called a piece of shit’ [2018]

Samantha Rea (1) : ‘suck the manager’s dick .. to get perks’[2018]

Samantha Rea (2): ‘Lap dancing is the President’s Club lite’  [2018]

Beth: ‘Student Debt .. Stripping is no solution’ [2015]

Anon: p121: Sexual Contact, Criminal Activity, PTSD [2015]

Anon (3): ‘Organised crime .. drug dealing .. coercion into the sex industry’ [2014]

Suriya: childhood rape, homelessness before stripping [2013]

Jennifer Danns: ‘It’s like an abusive relationship.. you get worn down slowly’ [2011]

Milly: ‘I had no idea how extreme the sexual contact would be [2009]

​​​​​​Lucy: ‘Men pay you to get naked and grind on their crotch’ [2009]

Jenni: ‘Masturbating a man through his trousers with your arse’ [2009]

​​​​​​Elena:‘I’m a sex object anyway .. I felt I couldn’t do anything else’ [2008]

Nadira: abusive childhood, prior sexual assault, poverty [2007] 

Jennifer Danns book ‘Stripped’: Collation of Testimonies [2011]

Waitress: ‘Management assault & coerce you into sex’ [2002]

​​​Performers  USA 


What Industry Supporters Say

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There is an irreconcilable chasm between what survivors/whistle blowers say and industry supporters say. This can be explained by the extreme control strip club operators hold over lap dancers and by research showing how denial & ‘higher loyalties’ to the club are an essential survival mechanism:

‘We’re in Control’

‘Lap dancing saved my life’

‘It’s one big family

‘I’m more harassed at the super market’

‘Car ads are more objectifying’ Objectification expert

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2019] lap dancers deny hard evidence of wall-to-wall breaches

Manchester [2019] Dancers deny breaches despite hard evidence to the contrary

*Camden Sophisticats [2019]: Lap dancers defend club with rampant fraud

Tower Hamlets, Nag’s Head [2017] Dancers defend club after serious sexual assault

Lap dancer union calls hard evidence of countless breaches ‘lies’


Expert Statements


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Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation

Culture Reframed
Building resilience to porn and hyper sexualisation

International Centre on Sexual Exploitation

Men at Work
Ensuring healthy attitudes towards women and girls

White Ribbon Campaign
Engaging men against male violence against women

Alan Caton, OBE
Former Police Chief

Michael Conroy
Mental Health Instructor

Dr Gail Dines
Expert on porn and objectification

Chris Green, OBE, UN Leader
Advocate against male violence

Prof Kathleen Richardson
Professor of Ethics

Dr Jacci Stoyle
Scottish Cross Party Group on Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Anna Zobnina
Human Rights Expert





Research​​ ​


Holsopple: Strippers Expose the Strip Trade [1998]
Harassment and Abuse (USA)

​​Bindel: Profitable Exploits [2004]
A grim picture of the strip industry (UK)

Sanders: The Regulatory Dance [2011]
Widespread harassment, insecure earnings (UK)

Sanders: SEV Regulating Working Conditions [2012]
​​Lobbies authorities to adapt regulation shown to comprehensive failure *

Wesley: Where am I Going to Stop? [2003]
In depth interviews with 20 dancers

O’Bryant: Strip Clubs, Prostitution , Sex Trafficking [2017]
Links different parts of the sex trade (USA)

CATW ‘Not Just Harmless Fun’ [2010] Prostitution & organised crime (Aus)


Prior/Ongoing Abuse

Research and testimony from survivors clearly indicate prior/ongoing abuse is common for lap dancers. This greatly effects the ‘choice’ to enter it and makes women that much more vulnerable to abuse once in the industry:

Wesley: Growing Up Sexualised [2002]
Hyper sexualisation & childhood abuse prior to entry

Anklesaria: Psychotherapy with Women from the Sex Industry [2012]
Multiple psychological harms before entering lap dancing

Decker: Client & Partner Violence [2017]
Lap dancers experience high levels of domestic violence


Abuse in the Industry
Once in the industry, abuse and assault are rampant. No amount of ‘regulation’ can prevent this:

Holsopple: Women Expose the Strip Trade [1998]
100% of dancers sexually, physically, verbally assaulted (USA)

Maticka-Tyndale: Exotic Dancing & Health [2000]
High levels of physical/sexual assault in lap dancing

Raphael: Violence in Indoor & Outdoor Prostitution Venues [2004]
50% strippers threatened with a weapon (USA)

Sanders: The Regulatory Dance [2011]
50% dancers report frequent abuse (UK)

Poor Mental/Physical Health

The entire premise of the industry – self objectification, feigning desire/interest in a man, who might repulse you, for money – is harmful. Let alone the abuse and assaults. All of which lead to dissociation, denial and other mental health issues:

Anklesaria: Psychotherapy with Women from the Sex Industry [2012]
Multiple psychological harms once in lap dancing

Wesley: Where am I Going to Stop? [2003]
The harm of broken boundaries and sense of identify

UK Government Review [2019] p18
Harm of industry not recognised until you leave

Maticka-Tyndale: Exotic Dancing & Health [2000]
chronic back pain, arthritis, leaky implants, poor mental health

Forsyth [2007] ‘drugs help lap dancers dissociate’

Barton: Dancing on the Mobius Strip [2002]
How ‘loving stripping’ turns to disgust (USA)

Thompson: Topless Dancing Managing Stigma [1992]
Denial & misplaced blamed  – a survival tactic (USA)

Thompson: Managing Stigma a Decade Later [2003]
.. now add cognitive & emotional dissonance (USA)

Sanders: The Regulatory Dance [2011]
‘I’ve lost all respect for men’ say 1/3 lap dancers (UK)


Feeder for Prostitution

It is often stated that ‘stripping keeps women out of prostitution’, however research (and common sense) shows the opposite is true:

Sherman [2017]
40% strippers sell sex. 90% started after stripping (USA)

UK Government Report [2019] p27
Majority of lap dancers then turn to prostitution (UK)

Mount: Behind the Curtain [2016]
Performers often try to sell acts or sex (USA)

Farley [2011]
1/3 punters had bought prostitution in strip clubs (USA)

Holland [2017]
Nevada strip clubs a spring board for prostitution (USA)

Iceland bans lap dancing as de facto prostitution [2010]

Israel bans lap dancing as de facto prostitution [2020]


Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Substance abuse go hand-in-hand with the industry. This is not only harmful in itself but makes women (in and outside of) clubs even more vulnerable to assault:

Forsyth [1997]
Drugs & alcohol use ‘integral to the job’

Sherman [2017]
50% strippers use crack/heroin, most start after stripping (USA)

Roberts ‘Students and Sex Work’[2010] Alcohol/drug abuse/low self esteem/poverty

Maticka-Tyndale: Exotic Dancing & Health [2000]
High reliance on/addiction to alcohol & drugs

Home Office Report [2019] p19
Alcohol increases risk of lap dancer assault (UK)

CATW ‘Not Just Harmless Fun’ [2010] Alcohol consumption by punters increases harm to women outside


Abuse by Management

Management frequently describe their clubs as ‘happy families’. But this is how they treat the women in these ‘families’ off whose backs they get rich:

Mount: Behind the Curtain [2016]
Management’s control of lap dancers (USA)

Stringfellow: Pockets tips of Waitresses paid £6.50/hr [2015]

Stringfellow: In Court to stop Employment Rights for strippers [2012] 

Spearmint Rhino: ‘Management assault & coerce dancers into sex’ [2002]

Spearmint Rhino: pays out £60,000 for sex discrimination [2002]

Spearmint Rhino: In Court to stop Employment Rights for strippers  [2007]

Strip Clubs Guilty of Tax Evasion? [2019]

Scottish Lap Dance King a ‘violent gangster’ [2016]

How Strip Clubs Scam Strippers [2012] More performers, charged more to work

How Strip Clubs Scam Punters [2016] Financial fraud


The 'Gentlemen' in the Club
The industry creates and cements deeply damaging attitudes towards women in the men who go. This is anti-equalities and cannot be prevented:

Frank: Just Trying to Relax [2003]
‘It’s like buying a piece of meat’ punter

Punter: ‘It’s great to have that kind of power and control’  [2002]

Erickson ‘The Gentlemen in the Club’ [2000] Punters go for a ‘voyeuristic’ experience

Frank ‘Exploring the Motivations..’ [2005] “men need somewhere where they can act like they want”

Punters Make Revenge Porn of Strippers [2016]

Farley [2015]
Sex buyers show more aggression/abuse towards women


No Go Zones

Many women feel, and often are, unsafe in the vicinity of clubs – this is anti equalities and it cannot be prevented:

Not Buying It Summary

Royal Town Planning Institute Good Practice Note 7 p9
‘lap dancing clubs make women feel threatened/uncomfortable’ (UK)

CATW ‘Not Just Harmless Fun’ [2010] Industry linked to violent, ‘no go’ areas (International)

Nicole Kalms ‘No Harm Done’ ..? [2017] Women avoid areas near strip clubs (Aus)

CATW ‘Not Just Harmless Fun’ [2010] Alcohol consumption in strip clubs increases harm to women outside

Nicole Kalms ‘Hypersexual City  [2017] The harm of strip clubs, sexist ads etc on women in our cities

Nicole Kalms ‘No Harm Done’ ..? [2017] Strip Clubs make cities less safe for women (International)

Hubbard ‘Initial Findings:Sexualisation, Nuisance and Safety’ [2012] Indicates many women self exclude from areas with strip clubs

Kolvin, QC ‘Sex Licensing’ p 87
‘it is arguably discrimination if a strip club means a woman fears to use the area’ (UK)

Bristol Police [2011] 50m zone around strip clubs a ‘hot spot’ for sexual violence

Bristol Police App. 1 [2017] 40 sexual offences reported in 1 year near strip clubs

Bristol Police App. 1 [2017] ‘Heightened risk to women in the area’

Bristol strip club manager at licensing hearing  [2013] “We’d need 10 doormen if we were to intervene immediately”

Sheffield [2020]
Deserted street with strip club – a hot spot for violence/sexual violence

Sheffield [2020] Numerous women report assault/fear of assault and self exclude

Manchester [2014] Rejects new license due to fear of increased sexual assault

McCord [2012] Sex Business associated with higher crime rates


The Wider Impact

The presence of the industry legitimises harmful attitudes towards women generally, not just in the men who go. This is anti-equalities and cannot be prevented:

Sheila Jeffries ‘Keep them down’ [2008] Strip clubs reinforce wider misogyny


Strip Clubs UK

150 incidences in over half UK strip clubs

Download Report


Full List (very long!)

* Councils deemed ‘best practice’  for regulation & dancers’ welfare
Italics:  Minor incidences, which still paint a picture of the industry

Aberdeen, Private Eyes 2 [2015]  Lap dancer attacks another, later acquitted of serious assault

Aberdeen, Private Eyes   [2017]   Places unauthorised fly posters across town

Accrington, icandy  [2012] Tries advertising for lap dancers in Job Centre

Barnsley, Wildcats  [2015] Man assaulted inside club

Barnsley, Wildcats   Prostitution?: Reviews

Basildon, Katz [2008]  Attack by punters puts man in coma

*Birmingham [2016]  Numerous complaints to police about Birmingham clubs

*​​​​Birmingham, Legs 11 [2017] ​​​​​Slavery raid, fraud. Both Clubs in chain. Shut

*Birmingham, ​​​​Legs 11 [2017]​ ​​​​Drink spiking and sexual contact. Not Shut

*Birmingham, Legs 11 [2019]   Man behind Legs 11, a ‘murderer & sex trafficker’, tries to open strip club

*Birmingham [2019] It takes a 2,000 strong petition to stop yet another strip club from opening

Bristol Police [2011] 50m zone around strip clubs a ‘hot spot’ for sexual violence

Bristol strip club manager at licensing hearing  [2013] “We’d need 10 doormen if we were to intervene immediately”

*Bristol, ​​​​Temptations [2013] Sexual Contact, club fined. Not Shut

*Bristol, ​​​​Jack of Diamonds (formerly Temptations) [2017] Sexual Contact. Shut

*Bristol, Urban Tiger [2015]  Banned from using school girl images

*Bristol, Urban Tiger [2017] Several reports of assault. Not Shut

Bristol Police App. 1 [2017] 40 sexual offences reported in 1 year near strip clubs

Bristol Police App. 1 [2017] ‘Heightened risk to women in the area’

*Bristol,Urban Tiger [2018] Dancers defend club ‘it saved my life’

*Bristol, Urban Tiger [2019] Prostitution?

*Bristol, Urban Tiger [2019] Dancers defend club as a ‘big happy family’

*Bristol, Urban Tiger [2019] NGOs abused for objecting to strip club

*Bristol [2019] Councillors ‘ashamed’ of new draft strip club policy

Bournemouth, FYEO [2013] Credit Card Fraud

Bournemouth, Spearmint Rhino [2014] Illegally serves alcohol to drunk punters. Not Shut

Bournemouth [2014] Multiple allegations of financial fraud. Not Shut

​​​​Bournemouth, Spearmint Rhino [2014] Sexual Contact & Straddling. Not Shut

Bournemouth, Spearmint Rhino [2016]  Punter sues for intoxicated spending. Not Shut

Bournemouth, Wiggle [2013] Dancers straddling punters & other Sexual Contact

Bournemouth, Wiggle [2016] Wants outdoor seating

Bournemouth, Wiggle [2018] Credit Card fraud

Cambridge, Talk of the Town [2010] Advertises on school route & in vouchers at Fresher’s week

*Camden: Summary of Concerns [2019]

*Camden & Westminster [2018] Harassment, assaults, propositioning, drugs: Undercover journalist

*Camden, Parkers [2018] Touting, intimidation, possible credit card fraud/prostitution: Trip Advisor

*Camden, Red Rooms [2020] Summary of Concerns

*Camden, Red Rooms [2018] Pimps pose as cabbies outside: Local Resident

*Camden, Red Rooms [2019] Life threatening stabbing, club does not even tell police

*Camden Secrets: Summary of Incidences

Secrets License Holders [2018] : £4.7 million in debt

Secrets Licence Holder [2019]: Many punters spend £50,000 on one night

*Camden, Secrets Euston [2008] Sexual contact, assaults: dancer

​​​​*Camden, Secrets Euston [2011] Touching even when performing for women: Journalist

*Camden, Secrets Euston [2013] Fails court case to allow dancers to touch themselves sexually

*Camden, Secrets Euston App 10 [2016, 2017, 2018] 3 Reports Financial Fraud: Trading Standards

*Camden Secrets, Euston p148 [2016, 2017] 4 reports of GBH: Police Report

*Camden, Secrets Euston App 9 [2018] Rampant Sexual Contact: CCTV/Police Report

*Camden, Secrets Euston App. 9 [2019] Rampant Sexual Contact: CCTV/Police Report

*Camden Sophisticats (formerly Secrets Euston) [2019] 13 reports of credit card fraud: Trading Standards

*Camden Sophisticats (formerly Secrets Euston) [2019]: Lap dancers defend club

*Camden Sophisticats App. 16 (Secrets Euston) [2019] Club provides mental health therapy for dancers

*Camden, Secrets Covent Garden [2018] Numerous Pimps pose as cabbies outside: Resident

*Camden, Secrets Covent Garden [2019] Sexual Contact: Council Inspection

*Camden, Spearmint Rhino [2013]  Judge states touting (pimps) unstoppable & due to club

*Camden, Spearmint Rhino [2014]  Sexual contact, organised crime, PTSD: ex lap dancer

*Camden, Spearmint Rhino [2014]  Numerous police logs of (pimps) touting outside

Camden, Spearmint Rhino [2014] Sells the venue but still operates from it

*Camden, Spearmint Rhino [2015]  Pimps outside, porn events, topless advertising

*Camden, Spearmint Rhino [2017]  Sexual Contact & Straddling, performers fired

*Camden, Spearmint Rhino [2019]  ‘Chocolate Men’, black male stripper troupe, slammed as racist

*Camden, Spearmint Rhino [2019]  Sexual contact, pimps: Undercover Investigators

* Camden, club anonymised [2019] Prostitution, pimps, suspected trafficking: Undercover Investigators

Carlisle, Rouge [2018]  Assault between dancers. Not Shut [2018]

Carlisle [2019] After assault at its current club, Council considers licensing another

​​​​Cheltenham [2018] ‘Pop Up’ Strip Clubs – legal, unregulated bastions of abuse

​​​​Cheltenham [2018] The Problem with ‘Pop Up’ Strip Clubs

Chester. Platinum Lounge [2015] Sexual contact, drugs, prostitution: Undercover Investigators. Shut

City of London, Charlie Brown’s [2012] Sexual Contact & other Licensing Breaches

Coventry, Heat [2006] Sexual contact and poor management: Lap dancer

​​​​Doncaster, Bentley’s [2017] Lap dancer attacked

*Durham, Red Velvet [2012]  Drug dealing: Police raid. Shut

Ealing, LA Confidential [2017]  Bouncer charged with GBH. Police: ‘club a serious risk to public’. Not Shut

Ealing, LA Confidential [2018]  Club seeks to extend opening hours & lower age limit. Not Shut

Ealing, ​​​​LA Confidential [2018] Sexual Contact, Prostitution: Undercover investigators. Shut

Epsom, Stir [2018] Punter attacks passer-by on leaving strip club

Glasgow, ​​​​Diamond Dolls [2017] Lap dancer dumped on street

Glasgow, Legs N Co [2013] Tax Fraud

Glasgow,Spearmint Rhino [2009] Sexual contact exposed months after opening. Shut

Glasgow, Seventh Heaven [2009] Sexual contact exposed

Hackney, Ye Old Axe [2019]  Owner guilty of life threatening arson. Not Shut

Halifax, La Salsa [2019] Owner allowed underage dancers and prostitution at sister club. Not Shut

​​​​Harrogate, Villa Mercedes [2015] Sexual Contact, ‘Audience Participation’. Shut

Harrogate, Kings Club [2019] Club told ‘fix Panic Buttons’

Heathrow, Tantric Blue [2012] Performers in revealing clothes hand out fliers at Royal Ascot

Heathrow, Spearmint Rhino [2003] Prostitution, Drugs: Employee whistle blower. Not Shut

Heathrow, Spearmint Rhino [2003] Club settles case out of court with whistle blower. Not Shut

Heathrow, Spearmint Rhino [2009] Serious assault by security guard on CCTV: Ex dancer. Not Shut

​​​​Huddersfield, Cleopatra’s Lounge [2016] Dancer refuses sex, punter causes £1,000s damage

Huddersfield, La Salsa [2011] Underage dancers, prostitution: Police raid. Owner arrested. Shut

Leeds Strip Club Policy: Unworkable & Anti-Equalities [2018]

Leeds, Silks: Lap dancers not paid: Worker Reviews

*Leicester, Angel’s [2016] Sexual Contact, suspected underage dancers

​​​​Liverpool [2017] Convicted rapist forces girlfriend into lap dance

​​​​Liverpool, X in the City [2015] Punter attacks lap dancer when she refuses sex

Maidstone, Player’s [2015] Former director steals van, sets fire to club and threatens ex-wife

*Manchester, Baby Blue [2012] Strip club opens without license

*​​​​Manchester, Baby Platinum [2013] Man stabbed outside club. Not Shut

*​​​​Manchester, Totties [2016] Mass brawl outside strip club leads to murder. Shut

*Manchester, Silks [2017]  Known Criminals, unfit manager, police call for license to be revoked

*Manchester, Silks [2017] Several Serious Brawls. License transferred to new strip club

*Manchesters Silks: Lap dancers not paid: Worker Reviews

*Manchester, Obsessions [2019] Sexual Contact rife: Undercover Investigation. Not Shut

*Manchester, Victoria’s [2019] Sexual Contact rife: Undercover Investigation. Not Shut

*Manchester [2019] Dancers deny breaches in face of hard evidence

*Manchester [2014] Denies new strip club license due to sexual assaults

Middlesbrough, Secrets [2010] Sexual Contact. Previous serious assaults at club. Shut

Newcastle, Blue Velvet [2018]  Assault (with hospitalisations & 6 arrests) outside club

Newcastle [2018] Over 200 calls to police over Newcastle’s 8 strip clubs

*Newquay, Halos [2011] Consistent rule breaches: CCTV. Club Shut

Plymouth, Divas [2011] Fraud and other license breaches. Club Shut

Portsmouth [2012] A nil policy ‘doesn’t apply to existing clubs’

Preston, Room 32 [2014] One dancer assaults another causing serious injury

Preston, Perfect 10s [2015]  Drunk customer destroys club & threatens female manager

Reading, Black Diamond [2019] Sexual contact, straddling: CCTV. Not Shut, hours extended

Rotherham, Renoirs & Rouge [2018] Under investigation for excessive rule breaches. Not Shut

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino  [2016] Council concedes breaching equality law: High Court. Not Shut

Sheffield [2018] Council concedes still breaching equality law: High Court

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2018] Harassment, assault, intimidation: 3 former lap dancers. Not Shut

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2018] ‘Managers are very seedy’: Dancer Review

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2018] Lap dancers defend the club

Sheffield: All Objections (145) to Spearmint Rhino [2018]

Sheffield Shame: Court Proceedings vs Sheffield City Council [2018]

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2019] p828 Management abuse: whistleblower. Not Shut

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2019]  Extreme sexual contact: Undercover Investigators. Not Shut

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2019] Sheffield Councillors & MPs, clubs former dancers object

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2019]  200 breaches, unfit management: Council Report. Not Shut

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2019] lap dancers defend the club

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2020] Still beaching licensing conditions

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2020] Lap dancers  defend the club

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2020] Judge allows 3rd legal challenge against Council

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2020] Put up for sale

​​​​Skegness, Flirtz [2017] Class A Drugs. Not Shut

Southampton, FYEO [2019] Credit Card Fraud

Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 [2017] Drink spiking, drug dealing, violence, prostitution

Swindon, Fantasy Club  Owner destroys interior when club shuts

Swindon [2018] Council bans straddling, ‘grinding’ & sexual contact to protest by clubs/lap dancers

Tower Hamlets, Charlie’s Angels [2015] Sexual contact. Harassment by ‘feminist’ Moslem Lib Dem candidate during Ramadan

Tower Hamlets, Nag’s Head [2017] Sexual contact, serious sexual assault. Not Shut

Tower Hamlets, Nag’s Head [2017] Sexual contact, serious sexual assault of dancer. Not Shut

Tower Hamlets, Nag’s Head [2017] Management/Staff deny incidences

Tower Hamlets, Nag’s Head [2017] Dancer & member of ‘strippers’ collective’ defends club

Tower Hamlets, Whites [2019] Sexual contact: undercover investigators. Shut

Twickenham, Playhouse [2012] Punters drunk & disorderly, license holder convicted of 11 offences. Shut

West Bromwich, Bing [2017] GBH, suspected prostitution/trafficking/underage performers

Westminster clubs [2018] Harassment, assaults, propositioning, drugs: Undercover journalist

Westminster, Capricorn [2009] Strip Club run as brothel

Westminster, Sophisticats [2005] Judge rules Council cannot restrict opening hours

Westminster, Sophisticats [2019] Hacking to increase google rankings. Black listed by google

Westminster, Sophisticats [2020] ‘Back to school’ promotion, touting

Westminster, Sophisticats [2020] Complicit in Credit Card fraud

Westminster, Platinum Lace [2016]  Sexual contact, management claims ‘set up’ by rival. Not Shut

Westminster, Platinum Lace [2019] pg 20. Sexual contact: Undercover investigators. Not Shut

Westminster, Windmill Theatre [2018] Sexual contact, prostitution: Undercover Investigators. Shut

Westminster, Windmill [2019] Former strip club reopened as thriving celebrity cocktail bar

Weston-super-Mare, Shadow Lounge [2010] 14 year old girls performing

Weston-super-Mare [2019] Punter ejaculates on dancer’s leg

Wigan, Baby Platinum [2016] 8 police call outs, including for drugs

Wigan, Baby Platinum [2019] Staff ‘s bag, with her baby scans, snatched

Wolverhampton, Cobra Club [2011]  Man stabbed in club

Worcester, Black Cherry [2019]  Slavery Raid



This is Spearmint Rhino

There have been ‘problems’ ie prostitution, pimps, assaults, fraud at the chain ever since it opened in 2000, yet no branch has even been shut for breach of license. If this is happening at the ‘most glamorous, stringently regulated’ flag ship strip chain, what’s happening in the rest?

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UK Club-by-Club

Camden, Spearmint Rhino [2002] ‘Club operating as brothel’: Undercover Investigators. Not Shut

Heathrow [2003] Prostitution, Drugs: Employee whistle blower. Not Shut

Heathrow [2009] Serious sexual assault by security guard on CCTV: Ex performer. Not Shut

Camden [2013] ‘Pimps outside unstoppable & caused by club’: District Judge. Not Shut

Camden [2013] Failed Court attempt to stop Council access to CCTV & to extend opening hours

Camden [2014] Numerous logs of touting pimps: Police. Not Shut

Camden [2014] Sexual contact, organised crime, PTSD: former dancer. Not Shut

Camden [2014] Club unsuccessfully challenges ban on ad vans & forcing dancers to drink at work

Bournemouth [2014] Illegally serving alcohol to intoxicated punters. Not Shut

Bournemouth [2014] Multiple allegations of financial fraud. Not Shut

​​​​Bournemouth [2014] Sexual Contact & Straddling. Not Shut

Camden [2015] Pimps touting outside, porn events, topless advertising. Not Shut

Sheffield, Spearmint Rhino [2016] Council breaching equality law: High Court. Not Shut

Sheffield [2018] Council still breaching equality law: High Court

Sheffield [2018]  Harassment, assault, intimidation over years: 3 ex dancers. Not Shut

Sheffield [2019]  200 breaches, unfit management: Council Report. Not Shut

Camden [2019] Sexual contact, pimps outside: Undercover Investigators

Across the Chain

1995: Chain founder denies his multiple criminal convictions

2002: Gangland  killings, prostitution and more

​​​​2003: Sexual Contact and Prostitution exposed across UK Chain. No Clubs Shut

2004: Ex detective hired to ‘clean up’ the chain’s UK clubs

2007: Spearmint Rhino UK goes to Court to ensure lap dancers have no employment rights

2008: Simon Warr, UK Vice President tells Parliament ‘Lap Dancing isn’t Sexual’

2008: Simon Warr, ‘lap dancers are product’

2009: John Specht, new UK Vice President brought in to ‘clean up act’

2011: John Specht: “There’s a no touch policy”

2011: John Specht ‘Encourages students to strip’

2011: John Specht Swears on his mother’s life he never targeted students

2016: Spearmint Rhino UK £10 in profit in 2015; operating at a loss in 2016

2018: Spearmint Rhino UK equity £2.5mil loss 2017; £3mill loss 2018

2016: Sheffield branch for sale at £1.7 mil (not bought)

2020: Sheffield branch for sale at £1.6 mil

2014: Camden branch sold

2017: Camden branch – landlords Chester Council

Rhino USA

Santa Barbara 2007:  Punter dies after forceable removal and physical restraint by bouncers

Dallas 2013: $10.5 mil settlement for serving drunk punter who then crushed woman with monster truck

Rialto 2013: Dancer shot with semi automatic by punter who then commits suicide

West Palm Beach: Club sued for inadequate security when shoot out outside club leads to 2 murders

USA Chain  : Courts demand chain pay out $3.6mil to underpaid dancers

USA Chain 2013 : Ad uses baby picture of ‘one of their strippers’, then a 14 year old girl


Worker Reviews

UK: ‘Seedy managers/hierarchy of girls’ ‘Favouritism’

USA: ‘Managers take dancers tips’, ‘Favouritism’, ‘Stressful’

USA ‘People with no moral code’, ‘Expensive house fees’, ‘Men want you to go home with them’

USA ‘Worst place I’ve ever worked’, ‘Poorly managed’,’Rude punters’, Horrible customers

Unknown: ‘Soul Destroying’, back stabbing, not paid, ‘Management doesn’t care’ ‘Cons: Hours Money, Environment’


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Employment ‘Rights’

An industry which ‘is like a family’ that ‘cares so much about its lap dancers’ has fought tooth and nail to ensure lap dancers are deemed ‘self employed’ with no employment rights. That’s because this is one of the ways it keeps control over women in the club

USA: Court rules lap dancers NOT ‘Self Employed’ [2015]

USA: Spearmint Rhino:  Class action vs chain: lap dancers NOT ‘self employed’ [2017]

UK: Spearmint Rhino: £60,000 payout for sex discrimination [2002]

UK: Spearmint Rhino: Tribunal rules ‘lap dancers NOT self employed‘ [2007]

UK: Spearmint Rhino: Tribunal appeal – ‘lap dancers ARE self employed’   [2007]

UK: Stringfellow: Tribunal rules ‘lap dancers ARE self employed’ [2010]

UK: Stringfellow: Appeal Tribunal rules ‘lap dancers NOT self employed’ [2011]

UK: Stringfellow: Court of Appeal  – ‘lap dancers ARE ‘self employed’ [2012]

UK: Tribunal rules ‘lap dancers NOT self employed’ [2020]

UK: Ruling highly likely to be challenged by strip industry


Strip Clubs vs ‘President’s Clubs’

The President’s Club= Lap Dancing Light [2018] 

​​​​More on the President’s Club & Lap Dancing [2018] 

Bolton Conservatives holds fundraiser with ‘strippers’ [2018]

Conservative Party Conference – strip club discounts [2008]

Universities’ Strip Club and Escort Expenses [2018]

City ‘strip club culture’ rife [2008]


Strip Pubs

Strip Pubs: Vaginas at lunchtime, then back to the Office [2015]

The Griffin, Camden: London’s seediest ‘strip pub’ [2014]

Strip Pubs: What the industry says [2010]



Feminists have fallen for the strip club myth [2019]

‘This is not about Choice’ [2012]

Strip clubs strip us all of our humanity [2008]

Strip clubs stand as monument to New Labour [2009]

‘Tighter regulation isn’t a solution .. women and society are being damaged’ [2008]

Iceland bans lap dancing as de facto prostitution [2010]

Israel bans lap dancing as de facto prostitution [2020]

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