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In April, dozens of supporters write to their MPs, the Home Office and London Mayor to back calls by Sarah Champion MP, survivors, numerous front line service providers and others for urgent resources to support women out of the sex trade – clearly totally untenable for the 1-2 years that social distancing is likely to be in place.

Since then, the Government pledged £76 million to support the most vulnerable including victims of sexual abuse and modern day/sexual slavery. Sarah Champion is now calling on the DWP (a key point of contact for those in/at risk of the sex trade) for ring-fenced funding and co-ordination for exit services

The Home Office Response [£millions available to support the vulnerable in prostitution]

The GLA’s Response [being advised by a ‘sex worker’ advisory group, that uses the language of the sex trade lobby]



Write to them

You can also send it to:

  • Your MP/MSP/Welsh Assembly member (and, if in London ALL London Assembly Members) via Write to Them  
  • Don’t forget to confirm the email then sent to you by Write To Them

The Letter:

Corona Necessitates a total rethink of the sex trade

The move by the Home Office for considerable funding for the most vulnerable, including supporting women out of the sex trade is hugely welcome. However, not only is the sex trade already well known to be deeply abusive it is now totally untenable with social distancing likely for the next 1-2 years.

This means that, above and beyond immediate support for those in it, there clearly needs to be a radical re-think of the entire industry:

  • All action to support those used in the sex trade has to go hand-in-hand with shutting down the industry to prevent re-entry or future entry (either during the pandemic or afterwards). This means existing legislation against pimping, against brothel keeping and against punters buying sexual services from anyone who is coerced (essentially all those in the sex trade) has to, finally, be rigorously enforced.


  • Given the fact that up to 90% of ‘Johns’ would stop paying for sex if there were the threat of small fines, points off a driver’s license, being ‘named’ as a buyer or being put on the sex offenders registry  – the demand for the industry could be effectively ‘shut down’ if there were the political will.


  • I would further point out that this is not just an issue of extreme human cost – exiting women  from the sex trade is even financially cost effective with the APPG on Prostitution indicating a 2:1 Return on Investment.

Thank you and I hope you can address the long term implications of corona and the sex trade as soon as possible.


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