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Take Action on The Sex Trade and Corona – a Public Health Hazard

Corona puts women in the sex trade at extreme risk:

• Women continue to see punters, which is extremely likely – with huge risk of social contagion

• Many women in this industry have underlying physical conditions putting them at even greater risk

• Most/all will also have underlying mental health issues making it even harder to access financial or other support

• If women see no or fewer punters, income is reduced/gone with often no means to replace it

• Women from the industry who do self-isolate are invariably in abusive relationships (pimps/abusive partners)

• Corona poverty is already driving an increase in women entering ’soft’ branches of  the industry (there has already been a spike in Web Camming). These are harmful in themselves and a feeder for full blown prostitution

• Post Corona poverty means women will be drawn into the sex trade en masse (this will be actively promoted by the industry which is already capitalising on the situation – as witnessed by the appearance of  ‘Corona’ porn, the filmed rape of women in surgical masks)


Take urgent action and dedicate meaningful resources to plan and action support for this extremely vulnerable group. This could mirror the action taken to house rough sleepers in hotels alongside specialist support staff  (£10 million has been dedicated to this in Wales alone). Indeed, a similar approach could be adapted for women in/at risk of domestic violence and their children.


All action to support women out of the sex trade clearly has to go hand-in-hand with steps to shut down the industry to prevent re-entry or future entry by others which will simply continue the cycle of abuse. This can be done since legislation already exists against pimping, against brothel keeping and against punters buying sexual services from anyone who is coerced (ie all women in the sex trade).


Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you




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